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A pawn is actually a buy back agreement. Most pawns are completed within minutes.Unlike a bank there is no recourse if your Pawn is not paid back. Your items simply go out for sale to the public. This won’t affect your credit here and we don’t report to the credit reporting agencies.

Our pawns are strictly regulated by the state of Maryland and are private. The process is easy, fast, and dignified. 

Maryland State law requires all pawn customers to present a valid government issued identification card with picture and address.

We specialize in pawning jewelry, however we offer pawns on a lengthy list of personal and business valuables including: musical instruments, computers, electronics, collectibles, art work, high definition TV’s, video games and more.

The term of the pawn is30 days.
You can extend the pawn for another term (30 days) by paying our service fee.

We also hold your pawn for an additional 3 Days from original due date.

Please protect our pawn ticket and bring it with you. A fee of$4 is charged if you don't.

Your collateral is safe and secure at Gold Broker Pawn. You can feel confident that your items will be kept out of sight. Jewelry is secured in our safe and we have a state of the art alarm system.

We often hear about people being 1 or 2 days late and loosing their pawns at other places. So be cautious of other pawnshops that don't spell out their policy.

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